We have provided you with a vast number of ways for the shipping your placed order.

Q: which country our company if functional?

A: our company is functional in many countries which are followed by these:

United States:

The shipping period of this Country is about in 24hrs its called overnight service if you need an emergency.


The shipping period of this country is about 7-10 business days.


The shipping period of this country is 15-20 business days.


The shipping period of this country is about 20-30 business days.

We assure you the 100% guarantee delivery of your product. if something goes wrong then you can use our refund policy.

We are reliable, secure and have a completely confidential delivery system at In order to avoid any hassle, the customers are advised to provide a valid billing and shipping address.
The shipping fee will be $50.00 USD for all orders under $300.00 USD and we will not charge any delivery fee for orders over $300.00 USD.


All the orders that he receive are shipped via regular international mail i.e. USPS, EMS and Royal Mail etc. You will receive an automated e-mail once your order is shipped. As soon as the shipper will provide us with the tracking number they will be forwarded to the customer by an e-mail. The shipping of our products to your doorstep is guaranteed from the moment you pay for your order. We usually dispatch the order as soon as the payment is confirmed, if there is some delay due to any reason than the dispatch time will be under 72 hours.

Normal delivery time for the European countries is 12 business days. For countries outside the Europe, the shipping time is 22 business days. We consider Monday to Friday as legal shipping days. The guaranteed shipping time starts from the time when we dispatch your order and received by you. The status of your order during this time will be changed to “Shipped”.