bestukmeds.com offers a convenient, private & affordable alternative to conventional pharmacies and other costly online services. We consider ourselves a newer and better option, not a replacement for traditional healthcare and regular medical examinations.

bestukmeds.com is an online pharmacy, with its own Generic products from where the products are dispatched and also is acting as a supplier on behalf of an account of several pharmacies and offers safe and convenient alternatives.

We save our customers time and money by taking care of the delivery of the high-quality products safely and confidentially right to their door.

bestukmeds.com is run by a dedicated team which is responsible for all aspects of technology, supply-chain management and customer service.



– Do not have health insurance, or have only partial coverage
– Are seeking the level of health privacy and product availability the Internet provides
– Prefer the convenience of online ordering

We cooperate with doctors from Europe and USA. All of our medical staff are highly skilled state registered physicians who provide you with the highest quality of healthcare services available. The personal medical consultation of our team specially trained healthcare professionals is FREE of CHARGE. Our pharmacy and our affiliated international pharmacies are fully licensed and in strict compliance with FDA regulations for shipping medication for personal use.

We hereby clarify that we are not in favour of ‘self-prescription’ and ‘self-medication’. Both are found to be very unsafe and risky as far as the individual condition is concerned. You must always consult a good medical practitioner before taking any medicines of any kind. We also encourage you to read and understand all product information, dosage, possible side-effects and contradictions of the medication you use. For this, the internet can be an excellent source of information.




We are doing our best to save your time. We have very efficient doctors, so check procedure is very quick and convenient. We ship your order right after the approval of our doctor and paid by the customer.


We have the most reliable delivery which proved itself as the most efficient and trustworthy site. Being a reputable company we guarantee that you either get your product within the given period or a re-shipment.


We always search for opportunities to make our prices more attractive for you by launching different interesting programs and discounts. Our goal is to have as many satisfied return customers as possible, so we do our best to improve our service!


We have worked and worked only with licensed and reliable pharmacies and doctors from EU and US, which allow us to offer you the best quality products at a very good price. Any product we offer (brand or generic) is a product which gained a very good reputation among our customers and was acknowledged by FDA and was registered and approved in EU.


We offer our customers a very convenient option to check the tracking number they receive to see where the order is at the moment.


All information provided by the customers is kept secure in the doctor’s database and is legally protected by the doctor-patient medical privilege laws. Under these laws, it is forbidden to sell, share or give any information you have submitted to us to third parties.


We take every precaution to protect the rights and security of each and every customer. As such, we use the latest Secure Encryption Technology for our online ordering system. All personal and credit card information is submitted using the highest level of security and precautionary measures available.

In addition to our Online Chat, you can contact us by e-mail concerning any questions you may have at [email protected]